Our Genes

So far, it has been 174 years in which we have lived our passion for the olive trees, their fruit, and juice, having come upon people who have known how to properly adapt to the circumstances by developing and innovating.

We are very grateful for our past. This exciting project has arisen thanks to our living the present, but always setting our sight on the future. We wish to continue with the legacy of those who were the real pioneers in the area of olive grove’s growing by expanding our horizons from an up-to-date perspective, thus making the most of each fruit and each step involved in the creation of our EVOO. That’s how we grant the maximum quality to our extra virgin olive oil..

Our Olive Trees

Our olive trees are located in the eastern countryside of Córdoba, invading in some areas the border with Jaén. It is a land with an olive tradition, whose limestone, and clayey soils make it a perfect surrounding for the growing of these admired trees. The mild continental climate also contributes to having the perfect conditions for their growing.

In our land, located on hills and valleys, there is a combination of traditional olive trees plantations, which are centenarian, and also with others that are more recent, which are part of our intensive olive cultivation. There ae different varieties:

Our Olive Trees


Recognized for the pointed apex of its fruit, this vigorous and resistant tree is the most cultivated in our lands. It is very popular thanks to the precocity of its production, its friendly face in cultivation and the stability of its juice, with a high content of oleic acid. A fruity flavor predominates in its oil, with pronounced bitter and spicy attributes, which soften as time goes by.


Named for the whitish color of its leaves, it is resistant to calcareous soil. Its fruit, with a rounded and symmetrical appearance, is gray in color and has a large volume, strong in drought and tolerant of winter cold. Vegetable flavors predominate in its oil. Among its main attributes are the initial sweetness, the fruity aroma of fresh grass, slight bitterness, slight spiciness in the throat and a final almond aftertaste.


Tree with an open habit, thick crown, rustic and late. This olive tree, with great rooting capacity, adapts well to the limestone soils of the area, and its fruit, which ends in a beak, has outstanding organoleptic characteristics. Its oil, with a pleasant taste of almond and fresh wood, is characterized by its fluidity, fruity flavor and enveloping aroma.