174 years,
of passion for olive trees,
its fruit and its juice

molino el cerrajon


174 years, of passion for olive trees, their fruit and their juice, having come across people along the way who have known how to adapt to circumstances correctly, developing and innovating to this day.


Very grateful to the past, living in the present and always looking to the future, this exciting project arises. We wish to continue with the legacy of those who were true pioneers of olive cultivation in the area, broadening horizons from a current perspective, pampering each fruit and each step in the process of creating extra virgin olive oil. This is how we give our EVOO supreme quality.
molino el cerrajon
Perlas AOVE el cerrajon


The sixth generation moves on. Our olive and oil culture genes do not stop creating and innovating in favor of a quality oil like the one we offer to our customers. An EVOO that we take care of meticulously with the most advanced techniques and the most trained professionals in each sector in the matter.

Our Olive trees