El Cerrajón mill and
Gen de Oliva

We are very grateful for our past. This exciting project has arisen thanks to our living the present, but always setting our sight on the future.

The sixth generation is moving forward. Our genes of olive-growing and olive tradition keep on creating and innovating to create a high-end quality olive oil, as the one we offer to our clients. An EVOO that we carefully look after with the most advanced techniques and the best professionals in this sector.

As we already told you when we started this adventure, this project has been born in a deep-rooted family tradition. For six generations our family has been growing the land that gives us the EVOO that we have always consumed at home. Godenl liquid that we want to keep on sharing with you.

And now, in the midst of nature, in the natural park of the Sub-Baetic Córdoba, we have expanded with an oil mill start-up. An ideal, calm place, where birds sing without being there any more noises and the leaves of the weeping willows fall on the river situated on the foot of the factory.
Obviously, the Sixth Generation, the Gen de Oliva y El Cerrajón mill’s blog will continue with its news, novelties, recipes, and olive oil’s curiosities. We will explain you the different parts of the process from the recollection (even including the necessary previous steps to improve the fruit) until the moment in which we get the golden liquid and its packaging. We will cook food in which our EVOO will be the protagonists, we will comment news of the sector, and why not? We will share anecdotes.

We are looking forward to involving you in our new period of Gen de Oliva and Molino El Cerrajón. It is a project that we know you will like and in which we will walk together hand in hand with you.

Where we are?