Our Evoo

Gen de Oliva and El Cerrajón are Extra Virgin Olive Oils of supreme quality created with the combination of complementary monovarietal. A coupage that aims at enriching our customer’s sensorial experience. Mainly Picual includes Hojiblanca and Picudo to enhance its sensorial characteristics.

We want to share fresh EVOO without being filtered. Olive’s juice of the highest quality, in which we lose no natural attributes.

How do we get it?

After months of carefully growing the olive trees, we recollect the olives, which is the essence of our product coming directly from the tree, during the months of October, November, and December. Few hours after their recollection, within the same day, they are taken to the oil mill where, after being selected and washed, they are grinded at a temperature lower than 27 degrees Celsius. It is known as the first cold extraction.

The paste obtained, made of oil, the fruit’s flesh, little residues of the pit and water, is taken to the centrifuge, where the oil is separated from the rest of the components. In order to eliminate the small quantity of solids that are left in the oil, in the mill we use the traditional process of natural settling, which involves neither filtering nor manipulation afterwards. After packaging, over time, sediments can appear at the bottom of the recipient. They are tiny parts of olives that cannot be eliminated during the natural mechanical process, evidence of the purity of our EVOO.

Nota de cata

Tasting notes

In nose we can sense an intense fruity smell, with herbaceous characteristics, which also tastes like green almond, apple and reminiscences of tomato and artichoke.
In mouth, firstly, it presents a sweet flavour, with a soft bitterness afterwards. It leaves you with a faint spicy aftertaste in your throat. It has an aftertaste of almonds and tomato.

It is rich in polyphenol and natural antioxidants, which enables to preserve all its properties.